Since Tonya Hanson, the first known patient, was born in September of 1960, her parents and doctors have been trying to figure out the cause of her condition. Years later, her parents had a son, Cody, the second known patient, who presented the same ailments with very few answers. Until now, there has not been an abundance of information about CFZ.


Our mission is to provide proper understanding of the CFZ Syndrome, raise awareness, and be a resource for individuals, families, medical professionals, and anyone else affected by the CFZ Syndrome through research and education.

 Left to right: Janice Hanson, Cody Hanson, & Dr. John Carey   (Sept. 2014)

   Our goals include:


   Giving advice and answer any questions regarding CFZ from the original patients and family.


   Raise awareness and understanding of CFZ.


   Provide a gathering place for people and families who have been, or who are affected by CFZ.


   Identify the gene responsible for the CFZ syndrome (Update: 06/2017 Gene Identified !!!)


   Develop guidelines for the care and treatment of people with CFZ.

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  The content of this website is intended for informational purposes only. This site is intended

  to raise awareness of the syndrome and give parents, patients, and the medical

  community a place to gain some answers.Contact a qualified medical professional for

  proper diagnosis and treatments.